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The Schedule of Recent Experience (SRE) by Dr Thomas Holmes et al.¹ is designed to increase awareness of stressful events and their potential long term impact on health so steps can be taken to reduce stress levels in our lives and to improve our well-being.

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Thomas Holmes, M.D., and his research associates at the University of Washington found that people are more likely to develop illnesses or clinical symptoms and signs after experiencing a period in which they have had to adapt to many potentially stressful life events.

These researchers compiled a table of life events, ranging from minor violations of the law to the death of a spouse, rating each one in terms of the psychological readjustment it demanded. A high score in one year was associated with a high risk of developing a stress-related illness in the near-future, according to the researchers.

Of course, different individuals can perceive the same life event differently and may adapt or adjust to the same life events in different ways or rates. Nonetheless, the educational value associated with gaining an increased awareness of the potential negative impact on health and well-being through exposure to certain life events is not diminished.

The Schedule of Recent Experience (SRE) allows individuals to quantify how many changes they have experienced in the past year and to consider how these potentially stressful events may increase their vulnerability to illness.

The free, online version of the Schedule of Recent Experience (SRE), available to take here now, has been updated to reflect societal and other changes since the original Schedule was published. This updated, interactive version is called the Stress Health Risk Test and we are proud to offer it as an educational tool, free of charge.

Click the button below to take the free, online version of the SRE now – it’s quick and easy to complete and you get your results immediately, or find out more about the Stress Health Risk Test version of the Schedule of Recent Experience (SRE), its background and accompanying free report with personalized advice on managing stress and improving health and well-being.



There is no charge for taking this online version (SHRT) of the Schedule of Recent Experience, or for the report. We hope you find this material interesting and of potential benefit to you.

The report includes the test score based on the given responses to the SHRT question items and a narrative interpretation regarding this score. The responses to the test questions, score and report content do not identify the respondent as an individual.

You may bookmark, print, save or share your report. You are welcome to take this online version (SHRT) of the Schedule of Recent Experience again in the future. Please tell others about us and about this test, thank you.

Please note that the test results can only be as accurate as the quality of the responses made to the test item questions. Therefore, care should be taken when completing the test to be as accurate and honest as possible while responding to the test questions.

It is advised that you use this standardized test and the narrative report as an educational tool and rough predictor of your risk because individuals vary, from one another, or within themselves over time, in their perception concerning a given life event, as well as in their ability to deal with, or adapt to change. The test and report have been designed to illustrate and help with the understanding of the relation between exposure to particular life events and stress health risk.

Further, it is advised most strongly that you consult with a suitably qualified and experienced professional, should you be concerned about your test results and/or before deciding upon or embarking upon any course of action in relation to the test and report content.

¹ The Schedule of Recent Experience is Copyright © 1981 by Thomas H Holmes, MD. The University of Washington Press Edition, 1986. Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, University of Washington School of Medicine, Seattle, Washington 98185.

We acknowledge and are grateful for the valuable work of Dr Holmes and his associates at the University of Washington.

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