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This page gives site news and updates for the Real Tests Online .com site.

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News and Updates

New e-Book from Real Tests Online .com – October 3, 2014

Tricky Job Interview Questions and Answers e-Book

The thought of having to deal effectively with those pesky, difficult questions at interview can bring on a cold sweat for many job hunters. But it needn’t be like that. Psychologist and test author Peter Gerstmann’s practical and useful book goes beyond providing effective strategies and sample answers to difficult interview questions and is a complete guide to interview success. Banish feelings of fear and anxiety in interview, show your worth with confidence and get the job you want! Available to download immediately.

New Resource Center at Real Tests Online .com – July 30, 2014

Resource Center

Expand your knowledge, understanding and life skills with our collection of curated resources chosen especially to compliment our tests.

New Empathy Test from Real Tests Online .com – July 16, 2014

Empathy Test

Can you think intuitively about other people? Do you understand people? Can you predict people’s behavior? How responsive are you to the feelings and needs of other people? How easy are you to get on with? Are you socially adaptable and approachable?

This quick and easy free empathy test can reveal your approachability, insight and intuitive ability to understand and predict the needs, wants, feelings and behavior of others.

Keep Informed on Twitter or RSS – July 12, 2014

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New and Improved Social Share – July 5, 2014

You can quickly share a link to pages here at Real Tests Online .com – your test results are not disclosed in shared links for privacy reasons (though you can e-mail your test results report to yourself, or anyone else if you choose).

New Test Report E-Mailer – July 3, 2014

You can now e-mail your complete test results to yourself, or anyone else you choose! A PDF version for flexible viewing and printing is included also, together with a link to view the report online. Quick and easy to use – available on every test results page!

New Test Score Graphic – July 1, 2014

A smart new graphic shows your score in an easy-to-digest way. You can now quickly see where your result places you within the range of possible test scores. The new graphic is featured in all new and legacy test results reports here at Real Tests Online .com

New Test Report Print Button – June 5, 2014

For your added convenience, a new print button and links are featured in all new and legacy test results reports here at Real Tests Online .com – just click or tap to open your device print dialogue!

New Mobile and Touch-Friendly Real Tests Online .com Site – May 4, 2014

Real Tests Online .com is now mobile and touch-friendly and has a completely new look and feel – easy and enjoyable to use on tablet, phone and desktop. We hope you enjoy the updated site and find it to be interesting and of potential benefit to you.

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